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Strategic Tax Planning & Preparation

Tax laws are in a constant state of flux. New laws are regularly introduced, while others are reviewed and altered. It can be difficult to navigate, especially when you don’t know where to start. That’s where Superstein PA comes in. Our professional tax specialists bring years of experience to both domestic and international tax planning and preparation. And we proudly serve clients throughout the U.S. and abroad from our offices in South Florida and South Carolina.

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Comprehensive Tax Services for Businesses & Individuals

We offer a complete range of tax services and consulting to keep you compliant with all necessary filings. That includes a tax planning strategy that reflects and responds to the latest news and developments in tax laws and regulations.

Our highly trained and experienced staff of CPAs and tax professionals are well-versed in ever-shifting tax laws (both domestic and international).

We also take pride in our personal service. Our goal is to help you understand every possible deduction and tax credit you may be eligible to take so you can reduce your tax liability.

Strategic Tax Planning

Thoughtful tax planning helps you legally reduce your tax liabilities. And for businesses, it’s a vital piece of the puzzle that can help in so many ways.

Not only can tax planning reduce the amount of taxes you owe, but it can give you insights to help you make smart business decisions and even reduce stress, especially during tax season.

At Superstein PA, strategic tax planning is one of our specialties. We provide tax research, interpretation, analysis, and planning for corporations, partnerships, nonprofits, and individuals. Our team can compile a comprehensive tax planning strategy that is in compliance with the latest tax laws and regulations and assist with IRS and state audit representation, tax research, interpretation, and analysis.

IRS Audit & State Audit Representation

With Superstein PA, you can receive full representation for your business, or as an individual, for any IRS or state tax audit you are facing. We’ll help you manage, navigate, and settle any claims, audits, payments, or debt accumulation, in addition to Offer in Compromise (OIC) agreements.

Tax Preparation & Filing

Business Tax Preparation Services

Superstein PA helps your business prepare federal, state, and local tax returns that are in compliance with the latest tax laws and regulations. We offer a full range of tax preparation services, including Partnership and Corporate tax returns.

As your trusted tax preparation professionals, we provide personalized service and get to know you so we can determine every possible deduction and credit you may be eligible to take advantage of to reduce your business’  tax liability.

Personal Tax Preparation

We’ll help you prepare your personal federal, state, and local tax returns, determining every possible deduction and credit you may be eligible to take advantage of to reduce your tax liability.

Estate & Trust

Estate and trust tax filings and returns can be difficult and stressful, especially following an end-of-life event. Superstein PA can ease the burden—we help individuals acting as trustees or executors of an estate prepare and file estate and trust tax returns.

We’re here to guide you through the process, from understanding how tax laws apply to your specific situation to providing peace of mind as you handle the estate or trust.


Nonprofit status carries its own unique requirements for financial reporting and filings. We offer a full range of services for nonprofits, including 990 preparation and filing, as well as the following:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Grant Assistance
  • Private Foundation Consulting
  • AHCA Healthcare Applications & Compliance Reporting
  • Reinstatement of 501(c)3 Status
  • Tax Implication Advising


Our team of CPAs and tax specialists can assist with FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) filing and tax preparation, plus help you with international tax planning.

With years of industry experience under our belts, we can guide you through the FBAR reporting process with ease. Let us take away the stress of filing the FBAR and help you prepare for a safe and secure financial future with our international tax planning strategies.

Our full range of services includes:

  • Preparation of U.S. Tax Filing Requirements for Foreign Citizens (Corporate & Individual)
  • Compliance With Foreign Bank Accounts & Withholding Requirements
  • Guidance for Non-Resident Aliens Residing in the U.S.
  • Guidance for Non-Resident Aliens Residing Abroad & Doing Business in the U.S.
  • Foreign Investment in the U.S.
  • Foreign Bank & Financial Accounts Reporting (FBAR) Compliance
  • Streamline Compliance
  • Estate Tax Issues Related to Foreign Trusts

Real Estate / Developers

The real estate industry and developer markets throughout the U.S. have unique and sophisticated tax regulations and implications. Our clients range from property owners and managers to leasing companies, real estate developers, real estate brokers, investors, agents, and attorneys.

Superstein PA has decades of experience in these areas and stays apprised of the most recent changes and issues nationally. We can help you navigate a wide range of tax implications, including:

  • Energy Tax Credits
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
  • Retroactive Benefits of Qualified Improvement Property (QIP) for Commercial Real Estate
  • Minimization of Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT)
  • Real Estate Professionals (REP) Tax Laws
  • Minimization of Limitation of Business Interest Expenses
  • Qualified Business Income (QBI)
  • 179D Tax Deduction for Qualifying Energy-Saving Improvements
  • 45L Tax Credit (For Energy Efficiency in Multi-Family Housing Units)

State & Local Taxes (SALT)

Every state’s taxes are different, and this lack of uniformity means it’s critical to be aware of all the differences within the state of Florida (and in other states). There’s additional complexity in these issues when organizations operate in more than one state.

States are now also looking to increase revenues by expanding audits for sales/use taxation (including ecommerce) and franchise revenues.

Superstein PA can help you traverse the complicated realm of state and local taxes. We offer a range of services, including:

  • Helping to Minimize Tax Liabilities Through Restructuring
  • Identifying Strategies to Limit Transactional Liabilities
  • Reviewing Tax Credits & Incentives to Lower Tax Liability
  • Identifying Savings or Refund Opportunities Through Previous Year Audits

We also offer the following services to all our clients:

  • Representation for Businesses in State Tax Audits
  • Representation for Individuals for Personal Tax Audits
  • Expert Witness Testimony On Tax Issues

Sales Tax

The intricacies of sales tax obligations and reporting can be daunting, especially in an ecommerce environment. We use the most up-to-date software to process your sales tax filings quickly and efficiently.

We track all sales tax filing deadlines and due dates by state and file returns electronically (where allowed), providing you with digital copies of the filings. This ensures the most efficient handling of your sales tax obligations and helps you avoid costly penalty fees.

As part of our sales tax review and processing, we:

  • Review & Validate Sales Data
  • Prepare Your Returns
  • File Electronically (Where Accepted)
  • Remit Payments
  • Provide Standard & Custom Reports

Other Services

We also offer help with:

  • Business Transactions
  • Executive Compensation Programs
  • Grant Assistance
  • Installment Plans
  • Private Foundation Consulting
  • AHCA Healthcare Applications & Compliance Reporting

Get the Tax Help You Need

For years, our tax professionals have helped clients with federal, state, and local tax laws. Contact Superstein PA today to get started.

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About Us

At Superstein PA, we’ve made it our mission to simplify complicated money matters and ensure you understand your options.

For over 70 years, our clients have benefited from smart strategies based on solid research—led by industry veterans with specialized expertise in intricate finances.

About Us
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The Industries We Specialize In

We help high-performing individuals and businesses across many different industries not only thrive but evolve. And we can handle the complexities that go along with that.

  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • International
  • Wholesale
  • Professional Services
  • Family Offices & Groups
  • Athletes & Entertainers

What Our Clients Say

Great People! Family run and operated.. They have been in business a very long time and there is a reason for that. If you are looking for a CPA or are thinking about firing your current one make sure you talk to Superstein & Superstein.

Nick Murtha

More Services We Offer

Audit & Assurance

Ensure the accuracy and integrity of your financials, plus compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Business Advisory

Get the expert advice you need to make informed business decisions that’ll help you reach your goals.

Accounting Services

Get accurate and comprehensive financial statements and reports from our team of skilled accounting professionals.

IRS Representation

Don’t face the IRS alone. We’ll handle them if you’re being audited or need help resolving an issue.

Estates & Trusts

Let the CPAs at Superstein PA handle the complex accounting and taxes associated with estates and trusts.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Save money with tax planning strategies and get help preparing your returns when it’s time to file.

International Tax Services

Ensure you’re in compliance and discover the tax benefits you may qualify for if you’re a U.S. citizen living abroad.

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